Electric Cars in India 2020

Future of Automobiles, Eco Friendly, The rise of the electric cars could help to reduce India’s emissions and improve air quality in all major cities. Check out the list of electric cars price and highlights in India.

Upcoming future Electric vehicle price
Electric carsExpected PriceExpected LaunchAudi e-tronRs1.5 Cr*   Jul …
Impact of coronavirus on oil petrol and diesel price
The price of crude oil has gone …
Porsche Taycan
Expected Price: ₹1.8crore Range:333-407 km speed: 250 …
Mahindra XUV300 EV
Expected Price: ₹18 lakh Range:200-300 km speed: …
Volkswagen ID 3
Expected Price: ₹30-45 lakh Range:300 km speed: …
Jaguar i pace
Expected Price: ₹1 crore Range:470km speed: 320 …
Expected Price: ₹1 crore Range:150-200 km speed: …
Nissan Leaf
Expected Price: ₹35-45 lakh Range:230-250 km speed: …
Mahindra eKUV100
Expected Price: ₹9-10 lakh Range:140km speed: – …
Mahindra Ford ASPIRE EV
Expected Price: ₹6-8 lakh Range:200-300 km speed: …

Are electric cars more reliable than internal combustion engined vehicles?

It makes complete sense to say yes. After all, internal combustion engined vehicles have far more moving parts than electric car. Electric car are more reliable than internal combustion engine vehicles.

Types of electric vehicles (EV’s)

HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicles run on both electric motor and gasoline like petrol or diesel engines. We cannot recharge these batteries manually but the batteries recharge itself when the brakes applied on a vehicle this system is known as regenerative braking.

PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles runs on both electric motor and gasoline like petrol or diesel engines but in this we can recharge batteries manually by plugging in to external source of electricity such as wall sockets and charging outlets.

BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle
Battery Electric vehicles are fully electric vehicles there is no diesel or petrol engines in this vehicles but runs only on electric motor with zero emission. These vehicles have to be recharged by external source of electricity with charging outlets or wall sockets.

Highlights Of Electric Vehicles

》Electric vehicles are 100% Echo-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines which is better for environment.
》It’s cheaper because electricity is cheaper than gas
》Cost of maintenance is very low comparing to traditional vehicles.
》Electric vehicles are silent operators there is no noise pollution
》There is no air pollution which is one of the major problem for global warming and climate change
》Reducing dependency on oil.

Demand for Electric Cars

50% of people interested owning an electric cars globally but only 28% are buying electric cars present in 2020. There is a gap between buying electric vehicles and interest in electric cars that is because of two different reasons first reason is the cost of electric vehicles is high compare to traditional gasoline cars and second is because of charging infrastructure

Electric vehicle price

After various innovations the automobile industry introduced electric vehicles. The electric vehicles are more expensive than traditional vehicles so make the right choice whether electric vehicle is a right choice for you or a traditional one understands your options calculate your cost benefits and buy the right vehicle.

India needs to ramp up infrastructure in a big way. india has a largest consumer market for EV’s at present Electric cars in india are available in all major cities like Jaipur, Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai.

Impact of coronavirus on oil price

The price of crude oil has gone into the negatives across the world The price of WTI crude oil is minus 16 dollars per barrel minus 16 dollars! It has never before happened in history that oil prices have dropped below zero A lot of mockery is being made out of this A lot of memes are being made on the internet It might come across your mind that perhaps

if you go to a petrol pump to get your car tank filled, the petrol pump people are going to pay you to get your tank filled up This does not mean that,

Impact of coronavirus on petrol and diesel price

What exactly is the meaning of this? Why has the oil price dropped into the negatives and what will its consequences be? We are going to talk about all of this in today. Come, let us see First of all, I’d like to remind you of a basic economics lesson. Have a look

The price of anything in a free market depends on demand and supply If the demand of something is more while the supply is less, then its price will rise The same is with oil price . If the demand of oil is less and the supply is more, then its price will fall In this entire I had explained what problems are being encountered in oil pricing from the supply side Basically, there is an ongoing tussle between countries regarding oil price

They all want to compete with one another You can watch it by clicking on the “i” button The matter of fact is that the demand of oil worldwide has fallen so drastically in the past month that no one had expected it The flights have been cancelled due to the lockdown. So the demand of jet fuel dipped. The people have not been stepping out of their homes, so the demand for oil in car tanks also fell The factories are all lying shut, so the demand for requirement of crude oil there too, has fallen So the demand for crude oil has fallen in so many places and as we already know, if the demand of something falls, then its price too, will follow suit But if the supply is reduced too, then the price can be kept stable Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA Who can make their competition the best and this is why they were not agreeing to cut down on their supply But the demand fell so drastically that all the oil producing countries have finally realized that they were incurring losses themselves if they refrain from taking action and cutting down supply So, finally, on 13th April, all these oil producing countries I wouldn’t say all, but almost all of the oil producing countries finally worked out an agreement a historic agreement because before today- for Saudi Arabia continues…

Upcoming future Electric vehicle price

Electric carsExpected PriceExpected Launch
Audi e-tronRs1.5 Cr*   Jul 15, 2020
BMW i3Rs1.0 Cr*   May 22, 2020
Jaguar I-PaceRs58.0 Lakh*   Jul 15, 2020
Mahindra eKUV100Rs10.0 Lakh*   Mar 05, 2020
Mahindra XUV300 ElectricRs18.0 Lakh*   Sep 15, 2020
Maruti Futuro-eRs15.0 Lakh*   May 15, 2021
Maruti WagonR ElectricRs8.0 Lakh*   May 05, 2020
Mercedes-Benz EQCRs1.0 Cr*   Apr 10, 2020
MG ERX5Rs25.0 Lakh*   Jun 06, 2020
Nissan LeafRs30.0 Lakh*   Nov 10, 2020
Nissan Note e PowerRs20.0 Lakh*   Mar 13, 2020
ORA R1Rs7.0 Lakh*   Dec 15, 2020
ORA R2Rs10.0 Lakh*   Jan 15, 2021
Porsche TaycanRs1.08 Cr*   Dec 15, 2020
Renault K-ZERs10.0 Lakh*   Feb 01, 2021
Renault ZoeRs8.0 Lakh*   Dec 01, 2020
Tata Altroz EVRs14.0 Lakh*   Sep 25, 2020
Tata EVision ElectricRs25.0 Lakh*   Dec 01, 2020
Tata Tiago EVRs6.0 Lakh*   Aug 15, 2020
Tesla CybertruckRs50.7 Lakh*   Dec 25, 2021
Tesla Model 3Rs70.0 Lakh*   Dec 23, 2020
Tesla Model SRs1.5 Cr*   Aug 01, 2020
Tesla Model XRs2.0 Cr*   Dec 10, 2021
Tesla Model YRs50.0 Lakh*   Jan 10, 2021


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