Electric Vehicle



HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicles run on both electric motor and gasoline like petrol or diesel engines. We cannot recharge these batteries manually but the batteries recharge itself when the brakes applied on a vehicle this system is known as regenerative braking.

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PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles runs on both electric motor and gasoline like petrol or diesel engines but in this we can recharge batteries manually by plugging in to external source of electricity such as wall sockets and charging outlets.

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BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle
Battery Electric Vehicles are fully electric vehicles there is no diesel or petrol engines in this vehicles but runs only on electric motor with zero emission. These vehicles have to be recharged by external source of electricity with charging outlets or wall sockets.

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Highlights Of Electric vehicle (EV’S)

Electric vehicles are 100% Echo-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines which is better for environment.

It’s cheaper because electricity is cheaper than gas

Cost of maintenance is very low comparing to traditional vehicles.

Electric vehicles are silent operators there is no noise pollution

There is no air pollution which is one of the major problem for global warming and climate change

Reducing dependency on oil.

Electric vehicle price

After various innovations the automobile industry introduced electric vehicles. The electric vehicles are more expensive than traditional vehicles so make the right choice whether electric vehicle is a right choice for you or a traditional one understands your options calculate your cost benefits and buy the right vehicle.