Hyundai KONA Electric

Price starts from 23.71 -23.9 Lakhs


LFA Lane Following Assist
Intelligent speed limit warning
Lithium-ion polymer battery excellent in charge and discharge efficiency
Driving Modes – Echo Comfort and Sports mode
Tyre pressure Monitoring System
Warranty – With 8 Years of Battery warranty or 1,60,000 km
3 Years road side assistance
Service vehicle charging support
BHP 134.1
Driving Range 452 Km Per full Charge
Hyundai kona electric car Price starts at 23.71 -23.9 Lakhs

South Korean automobile maker Hyundai is reportedly working on a low-cost electric vehicles EV for the Indian market by 2021


Still on the go first impressions are impressive with this Hyundai kona Electric SUV. it’s not a rocket but you like the way the cone electric builds speed
KONA ELECTRIC RANGE however the more important number is that of range the Kona has an ARAI tested range of 452 kilometers in more realistic conditions that should still work out to 300 kilometers on a full charge the days of range anxiety could be over
BATTERY PACK Kona electric might share its platform with the combustion engine Kona sold abroad but the chassis was developed from the onset to host a lithium-ion battery pack under the floor drawing charge from the battery pack is a permanent magnet synchronous motor that puts out the equivalent of 136 horsepower and 395 Newton meters Hyundai claims a zero to 200 kph time of nine point seven seconds for the kona electric in this configuration which is a reasonable if not shining figure for a car with 136 horsepower
DRIVING MODES the three drive modes you can toggle between eco is obviously for maximum range comfort we’ll see you through every day driving scenarios but toggle it to sport and you’ll be quite surprised by how zippy the Kona really is
SPEED in traditional role on acceleration you’ll find the kona is really responsive to throttle inputs and say from 80 to 200 kph or 60 to 80 kph this feels pretty effortless Kona comes with a single speed transmission so you might be curious what exactly do these paddles control well they control the four levels of regenerative braking

BREAKING regen braking works well and at its strongest setting you will see speeds drop pretty quickly as you lift off the accelerator pedal what’s more a long pull of the pedal also does the job of slowing the car down in effect you can modulate speed slowly with the accelerator pedal and paddles in easygoing driving what also adds to the ease of use is the refinement the motor runs quiet and if anything it’s some roll from the tires and some wind noise that break the calm in the cabin however the corners did reveal much about the Hyundai
BALANCE with the battery pack down and low the corner has its weight in the right place and you can actually feel it in the corners where the car feels pretty balanced on the highway to get a complete picture of how it really is
CHARGING Hyundai supplies the Kona with a portable two point eight kilo watt charger that can be plugged into a regular wall socket a full charge takes 19 hours though Hyundai says a 3r charge is enough for 50 kilometres all the typical daily usage they foresee for Indian buyers a seven point eight kilo watt AC wall box charger that can be installed by Hyundai at a buyers home or workplace speeds things up by bringing charging time down to 6 hours 10 minutes for a full charge however buyers with easy access to the few DC fast chargers in India will see the Kona electric in the best light with a 50 kilowatt DC charger the kona takes all of 57 minutes to 80%
KONA INTERIORS Kona’s driving position is elevated enough but you won’t be tiring over other vehicles particularly larger SUVs on the inside the news is largely good there are some really nice quality bits like the soft touch plastics here the steering feels good to hold and you know it feels like a fairly upmarket place but there’s still too many hard plastics as well of the other things it’s not very revolutionary in layout which is fair but you do feel like you’re sitting in something a bit different from the norm with digital dials which really give you a lot of information on the go and this nice touchscreen also which is quite informative in its own right off the other elements of interest are the CRV like buttons for the gearbox that are nice to use and also free up space for storage in fact there’s a nifty storage Bay under the main center console front seat comfort is good and Hinda has also done well to give plenty of features to the driver seat gets power adjust the front seats are ventilated and heated and there’s also a driver only mode for the climate control system as for the back the cone electric has a reasonable amount of space but the problem is when you judge it has a 25 lakh rupee car there are cars that cost the same amount of money with more knee room more space and just an area experience at the back what also takes away from the experience is the seating position itself with the battery pack placed under the floor the floor sits slightly high up and as a result you get this nice up seating position which isn’t the most comfy
BOOT SPACE Kona electrics 332 liter boot is of a good size but you will have to find a better location to store the charging cables under the boot floor sets of space saver spare wheel
LOOKS for the looks well Hyundai calls the Kona electric India’s first electric SUV but fact is it doesn’t have the butch looks or presence Indian buyers expect of their SUVs the Kona’s 172 millimeter unladen ground clearance is also more hatchback than SUV still the kona does look interesting
FRONT front end with its enclosed grille that hides the charging point is cool the slim headlights are in line with latest style trends and also plastic cladding has been used to good effect at the sides and rear the wheels might appear a bit boring but remember they look the way they do to ensure best aerodynamics
PRICE then again the Kona electrics main draw is its electric power train at 25.3 lakhs rupees ex-showroom India the kona electric isn’t cheap but Hyundai expects early adopters and the well-heeled crowd that liked to show off their green credentials to help bring in the numbers first impressions suggest the Kona could just be India’s first truly desirable electric car.


Website: Hyundai Kona electric 

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