Tata Nexon Ev

Tata Nexon Electric

Price starts from: Rs 13,99,00 – Rs 14,99,00 – Rs 15,99,00


Tata Noxon electric car that tickle EV wasn’t really targeted at everyday car buyers this one however the noxon Ev its second electric car definitely is it comes with a 129 horse power electric motor a claimed range of 312 kilometers according to a ARAI and plenty of comfort features on the inside what’s it likes to drive is it a good replacement for your petrol or diesel

NEXON EV is different on the outside more rugged looking to begin with the face lifted version gets a higher bonnet new headlights and a new front grille there are plenty of blue elements to indicate it’s an Ev and at the rear the new Union Jack like clear lamps feature LED elements

RANGE Tata’s first Ev for everyday buyers gets a liquid-cooled battery pack and a 312 kilometer range according to ARAI optimistic driving cycle powering

POWER the car is a permanent magnet motor that puts out a maximum of 129 horsepower and 245 Newton meters of instantly available tork and the motor draws power from a 30-point to kilowatt-hour t-shaped battery pack that’s placed under the floor for those concerned

BATTERY about the battery’s durability and longevity the pack conforms with ip67 standards which means its waterproof to about one meter and Tata also offers an eight year of 160,000 kilometer warranty on the battery pack and the electric motor

INTERIOR the dashboard is familiar but updated now this one obviously is the Ev you get this anodized blue beautifully finished it indicates that the screen doesn’t get the connected features but top spec versions of this car will get connected features with its own SIM you can do a whole host of things like jiofencing alerts and stuff you get our activity band as earlier and importantly you also get this display in the instrument panel you can toggle through the various modes here of course the most important mode is the energy flow so that you understand how to drive on the left of that is a sort of tachometer which goes from region where generates power back into the battery to eco driving mode that sort of eco range and then finally power on the top

DRIVING the steering wheel is also new and because a new gear selector takes the place of the traditional gear leaver there is now a large storage cavity in front instead of the gear lever you get big chunky knob that goes reverse neutral Drive and spot the gear selection dial however isn’t intuitive to use when it’s in the Sun you can’t really tell what mode you’re in look when you switching it and it’s just the same that highlighted bit just doesn’t show up in the sunshine so you have to look at the instrument finally if you look at that digital panel there and tell whether it’s in Drive neutral or sport

INTERIORS like the basic design of the – seat comfort at the front remains unchanged with a good amount of support especially for the back and this is true of the rear seat in the back of the nexon so on and it’s easy to forget how comfortable this car is in the back excellent seat lovely support for the thighs good back support nice elbow rest and even plenty of headroom despite that arching roof despite the tight-fitting roof excellent now of course this is ev so you get blue highlights on the seat and this blue double stitching but what’s missing is a sort of charging point at back and maybe a 12 volt socket

Tata has deleted the blower control as well the top spec xz+ luxe variant now gets additional features like a sunroof base leather at upholstery and auto headlamps and wipers some of the variants also get 35 new app based connectivity features initial impressions from behind the wheel are good now where the nexon Ev does a tremendous job is that first inch of throttle travel tap the throttle and it moves forward effortlessly there’s plenty of tork there’s lots of energy and driving in this manner in a relaxed manner is pretty special it does feel very nice and comfortable it does respond to the total beautifully and as long as you don’t require a sudden burst of power the works very well

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